Sunday, August 8, 2010

Relaxing Sundays

Busy weekend with both kids active and getting ready for school.  I still have not figured out all there is to Blogging or setting up my site but I know diving in head first is the 1st "Tip" I share with you.  Why not?  What or Who is it going to hurt? Sharing your passions, creations, and excitement to the world I think is going to be fun.  I have learned a great deal already just by dipping my toes in to get wet and creating this Blog site.  I have much more to learn.  I am hoping in the next few days to create something wonderful to view, take a picture and then learn to upload it to share it with the world.

Mt. Princeton, CO 450 students make an  8 hour round trip hike to the top and back down to camp.
Cindy, Kelsi, my daughter at the TOP.  
Cindy & I after a Chuck Wagon Supper
Today, however, my focus will be at a Young Life Ministry meeting for 5 hours.  We just began our second year reaching kids and went from 11 kids attending an amazing camp the first summer to 46 this summer and it was the time of My Life.  I will share a couple pictures to show you the beauty and excitement. I made the hike as well and only by God's Grace.  I have not had scheduled exercise due to a bad lower back in 8 years.  This was the most amazing accomplishment for me and to share it with my daughter and husband along with the other 46 students we brought to camp was just AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL.  I have been exercising ever since and plan to continue and make sure the next time I make this mountain I am in better shape.  In two years my husband and I have planned to return with our son and share this amazing adventure with him.

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